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Treasures of Abraham is a small outfit based out of upstate NY.. Treasures of Abraham is a reseller of Master Carvings, antiques, and fine musical instruments. Our supplly of Olvie Wood sculptures and carvings come directly from the number one supplier in israel, the Tree of Life (the tourist store on Manger Street in bethlehem israel),  or Bethlehem Olive Wood (their online store). We are the exclusive reseller of their master carvings.


In addition to importing items from Tree of Life, we make King David Kinor Harps of Cyprus and Olive Wood. Our olive wood comes from Tree of Life. We also stock a large surplus of the rare wood 'Cyprus'. We also stock countless types of other exotic woods so if you have questions on stock please ask. Olive Wood is an amazing wood and has been used for thousands of years ago in Israel. Tree of life gets their wood during the olive tree pruning season in Israel, which happens usually once a year. The wood comes from Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Nazareth.  All three words look different. While Bethlehem Olive Wood is vary pronounces, Nazareth is creamy in nature with little grain. Jerusalem is a mix of the two. The olive tree is special and has the potential to never die. This is because it grows like man, from the inside out. (watch video for more information on Olive Wood!)


In addition we are importing antiques from Israel. As antiques are rare, antiques from Israel are more rare. This can sometimes make pricing we accept offers. If you wish to be on the mailing list for new Antique listings, new releases, and/or carvings, please subscribe to our newsletter.


Special orders are also welcome. As we receive one pallet of antiques, Olive Wood supplies, carvings, and sculptures per month we can add your special order to that shipment. One of a kind requests are welcome. You simply need to send us a plastic, ceramic item you wish to have made of wood from the holy land. If all you have is a picture, that will be fine but please include desired size and weight as this adds or subtracts from cost.


All carving & sculptures are made in Israel by The Tree of Life. Their wood shops are on Manger Street in Bethlehem. The carvers there are known throughout the world as being the best in the business. This is easily confirmed when comparing their products with the few other carvers there are. The Kinors Harps are a one of a kind made nowhere else in the world. They are made by America Guitar Works who is based in Upstate NY and is a builder of fine electric guitars. AGW spent months studying King David's harps before building the first prototypes. These take five days from order to completion.  Shipping is from NY and generally one can expect a delivered Kinor in two weeks. Both our wood shops make our own items but our NY location resells all Tree of Life sculptures, carvings, and antiques.


We are simply resellers of Tree of life carvings. We do no resell items listed ontheir website.  All other international inquiries should be made at Tree of Life. This reduces shipping times and cost.  We respond to ALL emails and we answer all emails timely. We are Eaastern US time zone. Please keep in mind when using phone calls Tree of life is Israeli time zone.


Don’t forget to order early if you wish to purchase a Christmas gift! If you miss the deadline we can send a special card to you saying “you have a special gift coming from the Treasures of Abraham”. Then once their item is ready and arrives, you can present it.

We look forward to your business and may God bless you and all those who follow his grace.

Treasures of Abraham team.

Reseller of Tree of Life carvings from Bethlehem Israel Tree of Life
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