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Olive Tree Wood Sculptures and Carvings from the Holy Land

These are the finest museum quality mater carvings made in Israel by the Tree of Life. Made from Olive Wood trees pruned in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Nazareth, these carvings are amazing items. For churches, homes, and gifts, these are always well received. The Tree of life is known for having the finest Olive Wood carvers in the world and their work speaks for itself. We at Treasures of Abraham handle all imports of museum grade master carvings from the Tree of Life.


Antiques from israel the Holy Land

Antiques from the Holy Land

We have many collectable antiques to list from Israel. All are pre 1947 and in very nice condition. Items vary from brass, to stone, to pottery and more. All are left in the same condition as we purchased them. They can be displayed as is or cleaned / restored.


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